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Digital Agency

“We help our clients realize the full potential of being a modern brand that moves at the pace of culture by exploiting the last unfair competitive advantage any brand has: craft, design and creativity.”

Geometry is a team of makers, thinkers and builders who believe in solving creative challenges through critical thinking.

We forge long-lasting, beneficial relationships working closely with clients across Greece and overseas. An integral part of our process is to take the time to understand every aspect of your organization; by fully understanding where you are now, we’re better equipped to get you to where you want to be. We’re looking for partners who we can grow with, and together we’ll both achieve success.

Web Design

It is our belief that every website should be a joy to behold and a dream to use on any device. Crafted with pride, we deliver stunning WordPress sites that engage customers and accelerate growth.

Web Development

We use industry standard platforms and content management systems to develop innovative sites that help companies get the most out of the web.

Brand Promotion

We ensure that the brand message and its story is strategically and methodically delivered to the right audiences through the appropriate channels.

Corporate Identity

Your brand is your promise. It is the core message transmitted through your every product, service, activity and communication. Our strategic approach to brand building assures that your brand evolves in a way which reflects the true story of your place or business.

Digital Media Marketing

We provide direction, strategy, content and design services that enable brands to weave their story through social media and email marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

We offer advanced Search Engine Optimization services to improve your website visibility at the organic Google listings aiming to increase volume & quality of traffic to your site and maximize conversion.

Performance Marketing (SEM)

Our team ensures that your brand reaches its target audience at the most cost-effective rates in order to increase your return on investment.

Web Support & Maintenance

Our team provides flexible web support and website maintenance plans involving services such as content management, plugin updates, security updates, search engine exposure, and design longevity.